I penned a post for the wonderful Online Behaviour.  Read an excerpt below and then click on the link to read more there!


Times have changed. My uncle is in his seventies, uses Facebook more than I do and is working as an extra in films and television commercials. My mother has retired and was discussing her modem with me last week. My other-half’s son communicates in some kind of complex code through instant messenger status updates. A dinner conversation between four can extend to thousands through the medium of a social network. Your online presence and privacy (even if you’ve never used the internet) tends to depend heavily on the privacy stance and sharing tendencies of those around you.

Just ten years ago, things were different. The internet was thought of as a young person’s playground and a risk-taker’s casino (or fool’s paradise, depending on your attitude towards starting a DotCom). The way in which people used the internet was also different. Visits were perceived as (and often were) a linear path through a set of pages until abandonment or conversion. Building an online brand was more corporate than personal and communication was much more of a one-way conversation. Figuring out how to bend the internet to a company’s will and gaining exposure was far more important than the individual personalities of internet users.  Go to Online Behavior to read more…