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Petri Mertanen – Hockey Man

“And out of all the windows, No matter where we went, The merriest eyes would follow me And make me compliment.
There were a thousand windows, All latticed up and down. And up to all the windows, When we went back to town,
The queer folk put their faces, As gentle as could be; “Come again, little girl!” they called, and I Called back, “You come see me!””
Edna St. Vincent Millay, especially for my friend JayDaisy and her daughter Foxylocks.  If that isn’t a metaphor for the website/visitor relationship, I don’t know what is!
It is time to turn our jingle bells to Petri Mertanen – a man who’s always in the dark 


Tell us all about Petri Mertanen.

I have been interested in the Internet since my marketing studies started in 1995 at North Carelian University of Applied Sciencies.  The school was in Joensuu, which is my original home town in eastern part of Finland. I finished my BBA degree with a final paper about eCommerce, right after I moved to Helsinki area in 1999.  During my career I have been involved all the time more or less with web-related software and projects in various positions. In the beginning of 21st century, web analytics came along with some server log based systems and I was hooked.

It was a bit of accident that I became an entrepreneur later on and I found myself as a managing director of NXC Finland, previously Naviatech Solutions) in 2005. Since then I started studying more analytics business and got involved with the Finnish community (Kalle Heinonen, Steve Jackson and the rest). It paid off because I was selected by these gentlemen as a chairman of WAA Finland in 2007.  Today, I’m a free agent and looking for the next challenge.

Your sister has an Olympic bronze medal.  What was that for, and are you a little bit jealous?

Yes.  Maybe I have to admit that my sister is a better hockey player than me.
Or not.
At least I’m hearing that a lot in our locker room.  I have been playing for 26 hockey seasons [profile and career stats] so of course I’m very jealous about that Olympic bronze medal from Vancouver.  And couple of World Champ bronze medals as well.
Yeah, maybe I was some kind of role model for my sis when I played in first division in Finland (second level) – at least she is saying that so I could feel better. As revenge I invited her into field of web analytics so we have to share same passion and punishment.

If you wrote a book on web analytics in Finnish, how many sales would you make in the first week?
I have very large fan group in Finland so I guess that during the first week I could sell 5 copies (parents, both sisters and me).
Actually I have been asked to write a book couple of times, but so far I enjoy just writing to my blog every now and then.


Chris Olenik – Weird Man

“Man hath stil either toyes, or Care, He hath no root, nor to one place is ty’d, But ever restless and Irregular About this Earth doth run and ride, He knows he hath a home, but scarce knows where, He sayes it is so far That he hath quite forgot how to go there.”
Good old Vaughan – probably had a Silly Series though.

It’s time to turn our attention to Chris Olenik – a man who should immediately be persuaded to sing at the next eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit.

Tell us all we need to know (and more) about Chris Olenik.

By day, I work with an incredible team at Keystone Solutions as we dominate the world of digital marketing and optimization.  At night and when I am not on Delta, I have a great time with my family.   As you can see by the above picture, they are growing up as Red Sox fans and that is why there are two daggers aimed at my head.


You have a degree in Political Science.  What job did you plan to get with that, back in the day?

I was very close to attending law school, but I luckily did an internship the summer before enrolling into a full time program.  I don’t want to offend the thousands of lawyers reading the Silly Series, but my experience was analogous to the Bill Murray movie, “Groundhog Day.”  Each day, I would wake up, work with the same documents, hear bickering between two opposing lawyers about the meaning of a word in a particular context, and go home at 2:30AM.  Rinse.  Repeat.

I quickly realized that this was not for me and focused my attention on technology.  I thought I would avoid lawyers in my professional career, but that was naïve.  I now deal with them on a daily basis as I try to explain to them that we do not have a fleet of cars at Keystone and we do not need car insurance language within their professional services agreements.


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Wesley Hall – Big Man

“Out flew the web and floated wide.   The mirror crack’d from side to side.  “The curse is come upon me,” cried  The Lady of Shalott. ”
Methinks  fair lady was weaving a Silly Series…

Today, we turn our attentions to Wesley Hall, a man who is of no help at all with a chest of drawers.
Thanks to Rudi Shumpert for adding some questions to the mix!

Who is Wes Hall, and why are you oft referred to as “Big Wes”?

I have been asked to describe myself for various professional and legal reasons over the years, and I am always a little stumped in trying to portray who I am.  I am a husband (been married for almost nineteen years) and a proud Poppa Bear.  I am currently a Senior Web Business Analyst for Home Depot.  Prior to that, I worked for Computer Sciences Corporation as a Senior Web Analyst for the US Army.  I have worked in Developer and Analyst roles on sites for Lane Bryant, Service Master and Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum.  When I am not at HD or working on my honey-do list, I am working on publishing a journal of my family’s genealogy.

My Big Wes moniker started as a way to differentiate me from my namesake son.  Nowadays, Big Wes refers more to my imposing frame than my daddy status.  I do not consider myself intimidating, but I have been told by several of my daughter’s would be boyfriends that I can be quite scary.


Alec Cochrane – When Can He Stop, Man?

Long have tales been told of a collection of annals depicting the lives and loves of those in the web analytics industry.  This probably isn’t it, but you’re here now, so keep reading the Silly Series!
Today, we turn the spotlight on Alec Cochrane, a man talented in the art of disguise, a fact to which his photograph below is testament.

Who is Alec Cochrane in a nutshell?

I think am your fairly typical 30 year old man. I drink too much, don’t do enough exercise and I make really bad jokes. I’ve tried quite a few sports in my time (Football, Cricket, Golf, Tennis, Rugby) and discovered that my best position is ‘watching’.  My previous history of ‘playing’ sports allows me to have a unique position of being able to criticise the way someone else plays them, despite the fact that they are much better than me.  I take this into the world I work in as well – my previous history of running a website (albeit a tiny blog!) allows me to tell other people how they should be running their websites!

You have a degree in Chemistry – what are you doing slumming it in web analytics?

In Chemistry, once you’ve got past all the posturing of exams and writing dissertations, you pretty much end up with a bunch of people in a lab doing experiments. In those experiments, a series of well-educated people take a load of stuff they know about best practice and try and come up with a way of getting the best possible yield from their starting products.  Different situations and starting points demand critically different environments and reactions to get the result you want. How do they know they got the right results? They spend a whole load of time measuring each individual step of the process. Web Analytics is very similar but with websites and people. I would say the amount of fresh air and social interaction the two groups get is remarkably similar :)


Dave Chaffey – Smart Man

This is the Silly Series.  It is a series and it is silly, hence the name.


This time, it is time for Dave Chaffey, a writer of books, a runner of mountains.

Tell us a little bit about all of Dave Chaffey.

If you don’t know me I love all of digital marketing which makes it fun and challenging keeping up-to-date with what matters across all the channels. But it’s a pleasure mostly since I enjoy spotting trends and sharing what’s important with other people on Smart Insights Digital Marketing and when speaking at events or training.

What I love learning and sharing about most are Web Analytics, SEO, Conversion Optimisation and Email.  I enjoy these because the numbers tell a story from which you can get an instant return if you test, learn, refine.

Even if you do know me, you maybe don’t know I started out in the 1980s as a geochemist researching rocks from St.Helena created 2.5 billion years ago – Geology is good for field trips.

What hobby do you wish you had the money or the bravery to pursue?

It’s more about the bravery. I used to be a keen rock climber, but as I get older the risks seem to get bigger. We’re better at diminishing the risks when we’re smaller. So these days I content myself with running over the mountains – even I have to escape the digital world sometimes. I ran 42 miles yesterday on the High Peak Marathon route near where I live – but that’s not a normal day, not at all.


Thomas Bosilevac – Bossy Liticks Man

Looking for out-of-print books on ancient methods of salmon fishing?  You’re in the wrong place.  This is the Silly Series – a succession of frivolous people profiles focussing on those who work in and around the web analytics industry.


It is now time to turn our attention to Thomas Bosilevac, a man with a name as unpronounceable as Jojoba’s.


Boz, be a good chap and tell the nice folks about yourself.

Ohh where to start, I grew up surrounded with Midwestern values in the former mob capital, Kansas City, where I was president of my catholic parish Youth Group for like 5 years, uncontested of course.  After the turn of the millennium, someone told me the bubble was gonna burst, so, I decided to move to LA and see that happen – it did, I would only trade the experience for stock papers worth more than paper.

Since then I have been fired from a spammer over an argument of opt-in vs opt-out (I was right), lived on Martha’s Vineyard for a summer, drove a D9 in Peoria,IL while managing digital analytics at CAT, had twins, stayed in over 50 hotels consulting with Webtrends, had another child.

Now I have found a settling spot here in Portland, OR where I have added 2 dogs and 3 chickens to the family.  After travelling and consulting for over 5 years straight … I founded MashableMetrics.  That is another story.

Into how many languages can you translate your first name?

I melt when I hear the French say Tomas – however, after a few years of French, I just respond ironically “Je ne parle pas francais”.


Matthew Gellis – Keystone Man

Welcome to the Silly Series, the weird and wonderful world of people in the web analytics industry.  To know them is to love them.  To love them is probably to not know them as well as you should.

Today, it’s the turn of Matthew Gellis, a tall man who looks good in a linen suit.

Howdie, Mr. Gellis.  Please to be telling us about you, yes?

Started in the technology and Internet industry in 1997 and played lots of different roles across a few companies.  System administrator, web developer, ecommerce manager, consultant, and web analyst.  Spent 6 years at Omniture and was their first Implementation Consultant; helped build out the Proof-of-Concept team, and ended up on the Sr. Sales Engineering team.  Started Keystone Solutions 3 years ago to really dive into the most complex problems our customers are facing.  It’s been a fantastic ride so far!

What did you do in a past life that you feel you must punish yourself by hanging out with the likes of Jason Thompson, Rudi Shumpert and such sorts?

I once pretended to understand what statistical relevance really was and since then have been sentenced to hang out with people far smarter than I am, thus never really shaking the “picked last for dodge ball” feeling.

You’re going to a dance and waiting for your date to show up with a pretty corsage just for you.  The doorbell rings.  Is it Eric Peterson or Corry Prohens?

Both – I mean, let’s be honest, I look killer in my full linen suit and I just couldn’t let either one down.  So Corry is coming at 6 pm and I have Eric scheduled at 8.


Michael Notté – Car Man

As part of the Silly Series, several previously well-respected members of the web analytics community have consented to answer several foolish questions.

Today, it’s the turn of Michael Notté

Bonjour M. Notté.  Et vous êtes…?

I am Belgian, French-speaking and leave near Brussels, the capital of Europe.  I am working in Web Analytics for more than 6 years – as Web Analytics specialist at the European HQ of a big car manufacturer. I discovered the world of Web Analytics when I joined this company. It turned into a real passion for me, a passion that I try to share with others through my blog: Kaizen-analytics.

When I am not doing Web Analytics, I am a happy married man, father of 3 lovely kids.

If you were to write a book on Web Analytics, what would be its title and to whom would you dedicate it?

I think I would call it “A journey into Web Analytics – a practitioner perspective” or something like that – like the series I wrote last year on my blog.  There are plenty of great books on web analytics but all are from consultants, experts or gurus, not from practitioners. Maybe that’s because we (practitioners) do the hard work and don’t have time for writing books 😉

I would dedicate it to my wife – for all the time she patiently listens to me talking about my work and passion, for supporting the geek that I am. Oh, and I would also dedicate it to Aurélie Pols and René Deschamps – they showed me the “way” when I started in this field.


Bob Page – Data Man

Blah blah Silly Series.  Blah blah web analytics people.  Blah blah read them all.  Blah blah fabulous.

Today, it’s the turn of the very lovely, and frankly hilarious, Bob Page.

Good day to you Bob.  Please provide us with some salient facts about you.

I’m a Cancer or Leo, and suddenly confused about the difference.   I am tattoo-free.  I’ve been involved in web analytics since it was called web site analysis.  Blood pressure is 118/72.   I had nothing to do with the oil spill.  My middle name is James.  I lead the analytics platform & delivery team at eBay.  I put two spaces after a period.  I live with my amazing wife in Santa Cruz, California, but don’t have a VW microbus and I don’t surf.

You used to work for Yahoo!.  Don’t you miss us terribly?

Yes!  Especially the cake shop near the Budapest office.  Interesting that you’d use the word “terribly.”


Eric Peterson – Demystified Man

No animals were harmed in the making of this Silly Series on the people of web analytics.  Probably.

Today, we turn our attention to the simply marvellous Eric Peterson.

Eric, tell us a little about yourself.

I am a father of two beautiful children, married to a wonderful (and understanding) woman, and live in relative comfort in Portland, Oregon.  I am fortunate enough to have written some books, started blogging early on, and made one or two decisions that in retrospect turned out to be fairly good.  Now I try and surround myself with people who are more or less smarter than I am, keep my head down and my nose clean.  I fail at the latter quite often but, for the most part, things have turned out well so I just keep doing what I do.

3 Web Analytics Demystified partners walk into a bar.  Who pays for the second round of beers?

I am honored to work with John and Adam and so if buying a few rounds of beer is the price I have to pay then so be it.  In fact, while I was working to convince John Lovett to join me as a Demystifier we closed down a number of “lobby bars” in the wee hours — a skill I learned from Mr. Jim Sterne and one that has served me very well.